How Does The Sacred Heart Enthronement Work?

Obtain The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Ceremony booklet offered by This booklet is a complete guide to Novena prayers and preparation before the Enthronement ceremony takes place.


The Complete guide will walk you step-by-step as you learn more about why this devotion is so important and how honoring the Sacred Heart in your home, school, business or organization provides many you with many new graces.


We recommend for 7 days you focus on preparing for the ceremony and follow along with the prayers in the booklet. We also offer a wonderful DVD to help instruct you on your journey towards Enthronement. 


On the day of the ceremony, the head of the family/individual carries the Image of the Sacred Heart to His place honor in the home. After the Image has been set in a place of honor, the family/individual publicly consecrate themselves to Jesus Christ. The Enthronement covenant is signed. The family/individual celebrates together as the work of the restoration of society begins with their family/household.


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