History of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque’s Private Revelations

Perhaps the most recognized saint in the Church regarding the Sacred Heart is St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. She was a nun of the Visitation Order, living in a cloister in Paray-le-Monial, France. In the years between 1673 and 1675, she experienced many visions of the Sacred Heart. She saw His Heart engulfed in flames and surrounded by thorns and heard His gentle voice.

“Behold this Heart, which has loved so much but has received nothing but coldness, indifference, and ingratitude in return.”

St. Margaret Mary understood the infinite love which the Sacred Heart symbolized. She responded to this love with a desire to make up for the lack of love which was shown to Him. This is the meaning she gave to reparation.
From her cloister, St. Margaret Mary promoted the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart, First Friday Devotions, and the Holy Hour of Reparation. She is perhaps best known for the Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart which she received in her visions.